10 Back to School Beauty Life Hacks

It’s back to school time again! As always, it’s exciting to see your friends again, get new supplies, and start new classes. But at the same time, it can be nerve racking. Having to memorize a new schedule, stressing about homework again, and struggling to get up so early in the morning can really take a toll on you. Any hack that helps me with school is always welcome, so here’s 10 life hacks to make your back to school transition easy and fun!

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Hack #1: Use Eye Shadow to Make Your Hair Appear Thicker

I love the half up half down hair style, since it’s so fast but still looks good. Whenever I do this, however, my hair parts and I can see my scalp. To make my hair appear fuller, I use a matte eye shadow that matches my hair color over the skin peeking through. This hack is one of my favorite life hacks of all time! I would strongly suggest using it with any hairstyle, any time!

Hack #2: Lighten Your Foundation with Moisturizer

Summer always means I’m spending enough time outside to get a tan, usually enough to go a shade or two darker in foundation. I tend to lose that tan before I can notice, and I’m stuck with a foundation that is too dark for me. The best thing I have found to do in this situation is mix it with a little face moisturizer. This can lighten it up and take away some of the orange appearance of the foundation. This hack can be done with concealer, too!

Hack #3: Plan Your Outfits Early

Whether you plan the outfit the night before or the week before, planning your outfits will save you time and energy in the morning. Just hang hooks or hangers on the back of a door and set out your outfits. This way you can wash, iron, and find all the accessories for your day early, and just grab the clothes and put them on in the morning! This life hack has saved me every time I roll out of bed half an hour late, which is more often than not. Oops!


Hack #4: Make Your Schedule Your Phone Background

While not exactly beauty related, this is such a helpful hack that I had to include it! In a short time between classes, it can be a pain to pull out your schedule while you’re searching for a classroom. Taking out your phone, on the other hand, is pretty quick, and makes it look like you know where you’re going. You can set your schedule, the times your classes are, your school map, or anything else that can help you as your lock screen for a quick look at that information.

Hack #5: Lip Balm Removes Eyeliner

This hack is one I use a bit too often, since by seventh period my mascara is usually a mess! Maybe your eyeliner is smudging, transferring into your eye crease, or just needs a little touch up. Most liquid or gel liners can be cleaned up with a Q-tip (or in a pinch, your finger) coated in Chap stick or Vaseline. You probably want to keep a lip moisturizer with you anyway, so you already have what you need!

Hack #6: Vaseline and Peppermint for Overnight Foot Moisture

Walking around all day can start to dry out your feet. For a relaxing, fast acting, and simple solution, I mix some Vaseline with just a couple drops of essential oil and apply liberally. Then, I put on some socks, and keep them on overnight. You can use any scent, and you’ll wake up with soft, sweet, scented feet! It’s the perfect life hack for sandal season.

Hack #7: Put Your Alarm Across the Room

This hack isn’t so much beauty, unless you count your beauty sleep! At least once a week, I turn my alarm off, half asleep, and promise myself that I’ll get up in five minutes. Which doesn’t actually happen. On mornings I need to make sure I get up on time, I put my alarm across the room from my bed. This forces me to get up and walk around, and after that, I’m less likely to fall back asleep.

Hack #8: Set Lipstick with Translucent Powder

I’m not a huge lipstick wearer, but this tip helps make lip products I do choose long lasting and transfer resistant. The simplest way to do this is to dust a fluffy brush with translucent powder over your lips. Although this works, it does tend to affect the pigmentation of the products. To prevent that, use a piece of tissue, and pat the powder through that. This is a short step but makes a big difference! I use this hack whenever, not just at school!

Hack #9: Remove Deodorant from a Shirt

It seems that getting deodorant on a shirt happens too often to count for me. But it’s a lot easier to remove than you may think. All you have to do is rub the shirt on itself, and it will disappear. If this doesn’t work, which it usually does, rubbing a pair of tights on the spot will get it off.

Hack #10: Shrink Acne with Mouth Wash or Tea Tree Oil

My sensitive, oily skin it the QUEEN of breaking out before picture day or the dance or something else important. To solve this, I would rub a cotton swab soaked in mouthwash over the red spot, and it would shrink it in as little as a few hours. This is really drying so avoid it if you can. A better alternative to this hack, in my opinion, is tea tree essential oil. It is just as effective and a little gentler on the skin!


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