How to Highlight and Contour For Beginners

Contouring and highlighting can be the perfect way to sculpt your face and step up your makeup, but it can be hard to get the right colors and shadows for your face. With this guide, you can learn to contour, highlight, and bronze like a pro!

how to highlight and contour and bronze

Contour: Adding Shadows

The point of contouring is to add depth to your face by sharpening your cheekbones, jawline, and nose. This is best done with a matte contour shade, not a bronzer. I use the Lorac Pro Contour Palette. The places to contour are right along your jawline, under your cheekbones, and the sides of your nose. Be careful, as too dark of a contour can be harsh and unnatural, and make sure to blend it out enough. For this step, I like to use a small fluffy brush, but for a more precise contour, you can use an angled contour brush. As a result of this step, your face will appear more defined and chiseled.

Highlight: Directing Focus

Highlighting brings focus to areas by lightening areas or adding sparkle. I use the same palette, the Lorac Pro Contour, to do this. You can experiment with highlight based on your face shape, but my favorite way to do it is with both matte highlight and shimmer. I use matte highlighting powder, which is a yellow toned face powder, on the middle of my forehead, the bridge of my nose, and my chin.  Shimmering highlight is used on the tip of the nose, upper lip, and along the top of the cheekbones. I like to use the brush that comes with the palette, but many people also use a tapered powder brush with this. As a result of this step, the areas of your face that you targeted will draw attention.

Bronzer: Bringing Color

A bronzer is generally much more orange than a gray toned contour shade will be. You can use it to tan the skin. I love the Rimmel London Natural Bronzer in 021 Sunlight. Apply it to the tops of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, and the top of the forehead. I do this using a small fluffy brush. I normally find that with bronzer less is more. As a result of this step, you will look tan and have a glow!


There are my tips and tricks for highlighting and bronzing! Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post, check out my last post on beauty life hacks here!


  1. Ella

    June 19, 2018 at 9:35 am

    I tested this out today and it worked perfectly! Thank you!

    1. beccasbeautifulday

      June 24, 2018 at 8:21 am

      Great! I’m glad it worked out for you!

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