June Beauty Favorites

With summer in full swing, I have changed up my beauty products to adjust to the weather and the season. These are the products I used and loved last month. Here are my June beauty favorites!

Beauty Favorites #1: Tea Tree Oil Skincare

tea tree oil skincare

This tea tree oil face wash set is from The Body Shop. It includes a face wash, a toner, tea tree spot treatment oil, a moisturizer, and a face mask. The products are available at Ulta or at The Body Shop as a kit, as well as separately. I love how well this product works on my breakouts, which flare up whenever the seasons change. It’s drying enough to control my oily skin, but isn’t so drying that I break out more. The moisturizer is especially helpful for this, since it isn’t too heavy for my skin but provides some moisture.

Beauty Favorites #2: Nutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Sensitive Skin

Nutrogena oil free moisturizer

When my skin is feeling too dry or I have spent a long time in the sun, I love to use this moisturizer. I have extremely sensitive skin, and almost any moisturizer will break me out. This product, however, leaves my face feeling moisturized without being oily or irritating. It is perfect for when I need a heavier moisturizer.

Beauty Favorites #3: Equate Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen Stick

Equate Beauty sunscreen stick

Sunscreen is always a struggle for me during the summer, since it has the tendency to clog my pores and cause breakouts. Face sunscreens for sensitive skin improve the problem, but with this facial sunscreen stick, I haven’t had a breakout at all. It’s easy to apply and keeps your hands from getting covered in the sunscreen. It isn’t as oily as many other sunscreen sticks, and applies smoothly.

Beauty Favorites #4: Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Oil SPF 15

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Dry Oil

I have used this product in small amounts, which works well for me. At the beach, or another time you will be outside but not in too direct sunlight, I would use this dry oil all over except your face. I leave this for about an hour, and it helps me tan. Then I put on a higher SPF sunscreen and continue my day. I wouldn’t use this product too often, but I would suggest it to try!

Beauty Favorites #5: Vaseline


This product seems simple, and is really good at any time of year. Since Vaseline is intensely moisturizing, and locks in moisture, I find it helpful in the summertime. First, I use it as a lip balm when my lips are especially dry, which happens more severely during the summer. Also, as I walk around more in sandals and flip-flops, my feet and heels get drier. To help with this, I put Vaseline on my feet after a shower and then a pair of socks. After two or three uses, my feet are soft and comfortable again!

Thanks for reading my June beauty favorites! For another summer post, see these healthy summer snack ideas! Check out my other beauty posts for more beauty product recommendations! Thank you!

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