Nail Art Idea – Lemon Lime Nail Art

Having my nails painted always makes me feel put together and fashionable, so during the summer I enjoy trying new nail art techniques and colors! This week, I decided to do a lemon and lime inspired look on my nails. Here’s how to do this nail art!

Lemon Lime Nail Art

This nail art look requires two colors. The polish pictured above is a light yellow color by Sinful Colors called “Yolo Yellow.” The minty green is also by Sinful Colors, and is called “Cash Out.”

How to Paint Lemon Lime Nail Art

The first step of this nail art was two coats of the base color on each nail. The thumb, pointer finger, and pinky have a yellow base, while the middle and ring fingers are green. After the first coat dries, paint on the second and allow it to dry completely. With the Sinful Colors polish, two to three coats provides an opaque covering. Make sure to paint the tip of the nail, too, in order to prevent chipping.

Next, apply the green dots to the yellow nails. I used the flat end of a bamboo skewer, but you could use a dotting tool, toothpick, or bobby pin. The easiest method I have found is to drop some polish from the brush onto the paper, and then dip your tool. I did one dot at the base of the thumb, pointer finger, and pinky on each hand.

Finish off with a top coat! I used the Kiss New York Gel Strong Top Coat.

For a matching look on my toes, I painted them yellow with two coats of the Sinful Colors polish. I used a toothpick to make three dots on my big toe, starting with a large dot at the base, followed by two dots of decreasing size!

If you want to change this nail art look, It would be cute to add yellow dots to the green nails, or draw lemons on the green nails using the yellow and a white. I also chose more pastel tones, but vibrant, bright tones would match this summer nail art, too!

See this nail art look on Pinterest and check out other ideas!

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