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If you’re reading this, chances are that you love makeup and you love shopping for it, which means you know it can be expensive to keep up with all the new products you want to try. Here’s my tricks to save money on makeup!

save money on makeup - Free or Inexpensive Makeup

Drugstore Beauty Rewards

Drugstores like Walgreens and CVS have a wide variety of makeup and brands for an affordable price. You can get additional savings if you join the reward program for the store or the beauty department! They offer free samples, discounts, reward points, and other offers, and they are usually free to join!

Shopkick and Ibotta

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These two apps are ones I use often to save money when I buy anything, including makeup! With Shopkick, you can check-in in store and scan the products you see, as well as ones you buy, to earn points and get gift cards! Check out Shopkick here for a bonus 250 points!*

With Ibotta, you scan receipts for certain products you buy and earn cash back. It can be in gift cards or through PayPal. Sign up here to get a $10 bonus when you use a rebate!*

Check the Newspaper

This may seem obvious, or may seem tedious. In many newspapers, there is a coupon insert, and most of the time there is a beauty section. There is almost always a coupon for some makeup, and if you’re willing to try out new products, they can help you save money!

Ultamate Rewards

At Ulta, you can join the Ultamate rewards program for free! This is an amazing program to save money, since the send a $3.50 off of $15 every two weeks, they allow you to collect points for savings, and they have other savings and coupons for members!

Beauty School Makeovers

If you want to get your makeup done for a special event, you can save money by having a student at the local beauty school do your look. They are often less expensive than a beauty counter in a store, and will be from a passionate artist who enjoys learning and doing makeup!


If you know the product you love, check for it on Amazon! You may be able to find it for less, or with less expensive shipping if you usually buy it online. This tip will help you save money on makeup you love and cut down the excessive costs of shipping!

Ask for Samples

If you shop at stores like Sephora and Lush, you can ask for samples of products for free! You can get as many as you want, within reason, and try new products or your favorite high-end makeup. If you want to save money, you can keep getting these samples to avoid wasting money on a full size product you won’t use, and make sure to take advantage of any free sample offers at checkout!


If you have never seen Hautelook, you should head over right away! This site offers major discounts on popular makeup, but the sale doesn’t last long. You can save money by waiting for your favorite products, or trying new things!

Sign up here to see what discounts they have now!*


save money on makeup - influenster app

I have mentioned this app before, and I love Influenster! You can take surveys and answer questions to get products to try from brands. Afterwards, you review them and tell the companies what you thought! It’s completely free to join, so you should give it a try! Sign up here to start answering questions and look out for the chance to try some products!*

Beauty Box Subscription

If you spend a lot on makeup anyway, it may help you save money to sign up for a beauty subscription box. Boxes like Ipsy, Birchbox, and other companies offer inexpensive subscriptions, and often provide full size products!

*This post contains my referral links. It will not cost you extra to use these links, but may provide a bonus!

Thank you for reading, I hope you found some ways to save money on makeup! See my last post about a nail art idea, and see more makeup posts on my beauty page! Thank you!

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