What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag

My travel makeup bag is packed full of makeup items that are necessary and some that are excessive. For the short weekend trips I usually take, I could totally downgrade the size of my makeup bag. But today I’ll share with you my favorite and the most useful things I pack in my travel makeup bag for a trip!

Travel Makeup Bag Item #1: A Good Sunscreen

This product is an absolute must when I travel! I want to protect my skin and prevent sunburn, so I always pack a nice sunscreen to use! Recently, I’ve been loving the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch sunscreen. I bring a travel size to fit better in my makeup bag!

Travel Makeup Bag Item #2: My Favorite Mascara

My usual travel makeup routine is just careful skincare and my favorite mascara. My mascara of choice often changes, but right now it’s the Covergirl Full Lash Bloom. I actually think it is a pretty good dupe for the Benefit They’re Real Pushup Mascara. But don’t get the waterproof kind, because I can’t find a way to get it off my lashes! I highly recommend this mascara, it adds a ton of color and volume, without being too clumpy! One trick I have learned is to clean off the wand of an empty tube and use it after applying your mascara to prevent clumping.

Travel Makeup Bag Item #3: Eyebrow Gel

If I ever want to do a little more than just mascara, I like to do my eyebrows. I usually bring both clear eyebrow gel and tinted gel.  The clear gel is quick and easy to apply in the morning, and the tinted gel adds just a little color to my brows without taking too long to do them. I use the Benefit gimmeBrow and the Mally Clear Brow Gel.

Travel Makeup Bag Item #4: Mac Fix+

This item is more high end than the others on this list, but I still love it. I have oily skin, so most moisturizers are too heavy for me. Mac Fix+ provides a nice base for my makeup that moisturizes my skin, too. I currently only have the full size, but I will buy the travel sized version for my next trip!

Travel Makeup Bag Item #5: Tea Tree Essential Oil

This product has saved my face on multiple occasions. I’ve talked about it in a post before, but when I have a bad breakout, I dab a drop of this on it with a cotton swab and it clears up within the day. It does dry my skin out a lot, so I use it sparingly, but it really works! Since traveling can bother my skin even if I continue my regular skin care, this item is super helpful!

Thanks for reading what’s in my travel makeup bag, I hope you enjoyed! Check out my other travel posts here, or read more beauty posts! See my last post here!

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