20 Minute At Home Workout Routine- Full Body

Everyone has a busy life, and it’s hard to fit a healthy amount of exercise into every day. For me, my busiest days only allow about 20 minutes to workout. In order to get a nice workout into that time, I made this 20 minute full body workout! It includes Legs, arms, cardio, core, and a couple other exercises to do. Give it a try for a short and easy full body workout!

20 minute at home workout routine equipment20 Minute Full Body Workout

Warmup – 3 minutes – Jog (On treadmill, outside, in place or on elliptical)

Legs – 1 minute – Sumo jump squats

Cardio – 30 seconds – Mountain climbers

Arms – 20 reps – Triceps Dips

Cardio – 30 seconds – High knee jog

Core – 1 minute – Sit ups with knees up

Cardio – 30 seconds – Jumping jacks

Legs – 10 each leg – Lunges with a weight (You can use anything as a weight! Get creative and find something around the house or use a plate at the gym!)

Cardio – 1 minute – Jog (On treadmill, outside, in place or on elliptical)

Arms – 20 – Push-ups

Cardio – 30 seconds – Ski jumps

Core – 1 minute- Russian twists

Cardio – 1 minute – Squat jumps

Butt/Stretch – 1 each leg – Hip circuit (This exercise helps your butt and hip flexibility! See a video of how to do one version of them here.)

Stretch – 2 minutes – Yoga flows (Look up some videos or try your favorite exercises together!)

Total time: about 20 minutes

I’m not a professional, and no one knows your body better than you, so edit this workout to fit yourself. You can change the exercises, the times, or the muscle groups. I’ve perfected this workout for me through trial and error, but it’s a good starting point for you to build your own routine.

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