Travel Beauty Hacks

Traveling is almost always an exciting adventure! I love every minute of a trip, from packing to traveling to exploring the destination. But as someone who loves beauty, I know how hard it can be to keep up all your routines. With so many bottles, products, and items, traveling with all your beauty supplies can be tough. With these travel beauty hacks, traveling with your beauty routine can be a breeze!

Travel Beauty Hack #1: Use a T-Shirt to Dry Your Hair

I always pack a big t-shirt to sleep in on all my trips. Luckily, that t-shirt can serve more than just that one purpose. It is also fantastic for drying your hair. You can use the shirt if you don’t have a towel, and the cotton will wick away moisture even faster. So, you could use it just to get a faster dry. Plus, it won’t damage your hair like the heat of a hairdryer will!

travel hacks plain black t-shirt

Travel Beauty Hack #2: O.P.I Mini Nail Polishes

I like to bring my nail colors with me on vacation, in case I chip the polish or need to redo a nail. But a big polish bottle is oddly shaped and hard to pack away in your bag. When you are stuck with just a little packing space, just pack a little bottle of polish. I like these O.P.I. mini nail polishes, which I’ve tried in a few colors. I would highly recommend them! This is one of my travel beauty hacks I always use!

OPI Mini Nail polish red

Travel Beauty Hack #3: Put Eye Shadow in your Hair to Make it Fuller

I’ve written about this hack before here, but I still love to do this!┬áTo make my hair appear fuller, I use a matte eye shadow that matches my hair color over the skin peeking through. I always pack the palette with this color in it, so it doubles as an eye shadow color and a hair color! This is perfect for a night out or any time you’re traveling and want to look picture perfect!

Lorac Pro Eye Shadow Palette with Real techniques brush

Travel Beauty Hack #4: Keep Bobby Pins/Jewelry Together in a Tic Tac Container

For me, bobby pins and jewelry are the two things I always end up losing on any vacation. My favorite way to combat this is by using Tic Tac containers, or mini Altoids containers. These mini Tic Tacs are from the Dollar Tree! I put earrings in one, a necklace in another, and a few bobby pins in one as well. No more losing my favorite pieces in a big bag. This is another one of the travel beauty hacks I use all the time!bobby pins in tic tac container

Travel Beauty Hack #5: Store a Beauty Blender in an Easter Egg

Dry beauty blenders still get gunk on them when they just sit in your bag, and wet ones are even worse. But one surprising solution is to use an Easter egg! The shape is perfect for holding the blender, and the hole that is already in the base of most Easter eggs helps with drainage and drying. This keeps gunk out to preserve your beauty blender!

Easter egg beauty blender

I hope you enjoyed reading these travel beauty hacks! Check out my last post here!

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